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  • We have a strong sourcing department, they will be responsible for all materials and spare parts of truss for production, will prepare all materials before producing, also have enough materials to facilitate and produce the best quality of stage


    20 €

  • Corriente constante con certificación tuv especialmente diseñado para la alimentación de paneles y luminarias led proporciona una gran economía y eficiencialed driver de lifud


    7 €

  • Con alarma, 1 año de batería con certificado tuv rm149/2juego de 4 detectores de humo tristar de gran calidadsu sistema de alarma alcanza los 85db y es reconocible a 3m de distánciacertificado para su uso durante 10 años, la alarma utiliza un sensor fotoeléctrico para detectar el exceso de humo


    30 €

  • Panel led smd ultraplanos con chip led samsung smd5630 y driver led de alta calidad lifud con certificado tuvalta luminosidad proyección de la luz de forma uniforme no cansa la vista no tienen parpadeos ni radiaciones ultravioleta y su encendido es inmediatoahorro de hasta un 70%


  • Led driver de corriente constante y entrada de control 0-10v con certificación tuv especialmente diseñado para la regulación de focos led (proyectores led luminarias led de farolas campanas industriales y similares) proporciona una gran economía y eficiencia


  • In case of exceeding this amount, the client must bear the costplease note that the following information has to be provided for the selection process of the tenant: a payslip or work contract, passport, the reason for your stay, and the relation between the different tenants who want to stay*in case the guest needs an invoice under a company name, 21% vat will be added to the apartment costpublic transport is fairly easy to catch from here, it is a 7 min walk from the estació de frança and the barceloneta metro stationwithin a 10 min walk from the apartment you will find the maremagnum shopping center (open daily), as well as plenty of delicious restaurants and barsthe kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary appliances; it also includes a washing machine*please note: to move into the apartment, it is required to present your passport and your last payslip or univerity inscriptionthis apartment has air-conditioning, free wi-fi access and a small balcony with a beautiful view of the barcelona port and barcelonetabarceloneta beach and plaza catalunya are 15 min walk away*the expenses are included up to € 200no representan ningún tipo contractual o vinculantelos precios y datos mostrados no son definitivos y deben usarse únicamente con fines informativos y de referenciathis modern apartment features 1 bedroom with a double bed, 1 bathroom with a shower, an open-style living/dining area with high ceilings and exposed wooden beams

    Barcelona (Barcelona)

    2200 €

  • the search for planet x captures the thrill of discovery, the puzzly-nature of astronomical investigation, and the competition inherent in the scientific processeach round, as the earth travels around the sun, players will use the app to perform scans and attend conferencesas players learn the locations of the various objects, they can start publishing theoriesthis is the way that players score pointscan you be the one to find planet x?as they gain information about the location of the objects, they'll mark that information on their deduction sheetsonce a player believes they know its location and the objects on either side of it, they use the app to conduct a searchthe search for planet x is a board game from foxtrot gamessince then, astronomers have been scanning the sky, hoping to find this planetjuego original en inglés: at the edge of our solar system, a dark planet may lurkas more and more objects are found, players will narrow down the possible locations for planet xplayers take on the role of astronomers, using observations and logical deductions to search for this hypothetical planetin 2015, astronomers estimated a large distant planet could explain the unique orbits of dwarf planets and other objectseach game, the companion app randomly selects an arrangement of objects and a location for planet x following predefined logic rulesthe game ends when a player successfully locates planet x, and all players have a final chance to score some additional points


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