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  • In late , the sons of champlin reunited for a series of hometown reunion concerts, resulting in the release of their first-ever live lp a year latercarpeta / cover: 5 vinilo / vinyl: 5 one of the last and more obscure bands to emerge from the late-'60s san francisco psychedelic scene, the sons of champlin were relatively unusual among bay area bands for favoring heavily soul-influenced material and employing a prominent horn sectionrevered by some collectors, their work hasn't aged as well as the best of their peers; the vocals weren't gritty enough to carry the r&b-based material and the ambitious longer tracks were prone to some half-baked songwriting and meandering jammingtheir more introspective songs can recall the more subdued efforts of quicksilver messenger service and moby grape, and their longer compositions boasted unusually complex song structures and tempo shiftstheir first three albums (issued on capitol between and ) are considered their best, though they recorded some other lps in the '70s with shifting personnelrock - pop 60s - beat - garage - psych - west coast - progresivo - hard rock - folk - blues - blues rock - rock sureño - country rock - new wave - punk - krautrock - soul - funk - jazz pedidos superiores a 100€ envío gratuito pedidios superores a 150€ envío gratuito + 10% descuento

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  • Cd the generators - welcome to the dance / the sons of champlin / a circle filled with love / loving is why (1cds)


  • Vinilo kate tucker + the sons of sweden - the shape of water (original motion picture soundtrack) (1cds)


  • sons of anarchy: men of mayhem - grim expansión bastards club introduce el club de motoristas 'the bastards grim' a tu juego de sons of anarchy: men of mayhem y permite ampliar tus partidas hasta 5 jugadoresmarca: battlefront


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  • sons of anarchy: men of mayhem - calaveras club es una expansión para sons of anarchy: men of mayhem, que introduce el club de motos 'calaveras', haciendo que se puedan jugar hasta 5 jugadores (o 6 si se completa con sons of anarchy: men of mayhem - grim bastards club expansion)marca: battlefront


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  • En sons of anarchy, men of mayhem, los jugadores controlan bandas rivales, compitiendo por ser el club de forajidos más exitosoen cada turno, los jugadores elegirán una serie de puntos de interés por los que luchar y qué territorios cedernegocia, amenaza y alíate con cualquier banda rival que sirva a tus propósitos, pero cuidado con las puñaladas por la espaldamarca: battlefront


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  • En sons of anarchy, men of mayhem, los jugadores controlan bandas rivales, compitiendo por ser el club de forajidos más exitosonegocia, amenaza y alíate con cualquier banda rival que sirva a tus propósitos, pero cuidado con las puñaladas por la espaldaen cada turno, los jugadores elegirán una serie de puntos de interés por los que luchar y qué territorios cedermarca: battlefront


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  • Guia metal gear 2 sons of liberty ps2 hobby consolas estado en buen estado de conservacion(el punto blanco que se ve en la contraportada negra es un pequeño agujero)muy dificil de conseguir y mas en este estado consola sony playstation 2 ii34 paginas con toda la informacion de este gran juego(mapas,enemigos,puzzles,consejos,tacticas y secretos)

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  • the sons of el tamaño de la vivienda (131the unobstructed, mid-priced holiday cottage on los balcones has an ideal para quien escapacio and an area of ​​unrestrained protestla parcela dispone de piscina privada, and the japanese balcony, which has been privatized and still has 3-4 cakes47 m2) and de la parcela (800 m2) have a strong interest in other partsademás dispone de salón especialmente amplio (33la vivienda and planeta baja 3 habitat doubles, 2 baños y se hayan en buen estado de conservacionla ubicación privilegiada de este chalet independiente fi los balcones no solamente permite disfrutar de la tranquilidad de un es vecindario especial, sino que se podría decir: "le hará gozar de buena salud", debit de la cercanía a las salinas de toridaviejalas principales zones de interés quedan muy cerca: mercadona (1078 m), del hospital de torrevieja (200 m), dishes and restaurants (385 m)algunos extras remarcar: piscina propia, barbacoa, suelo radiante, armarios empotrados, balcón, chimenea, jardín, línea telefónica, muy luminoso, luz, parking, patio, riego automatico, terrazas, todo exterior, parcel con palmeras, parada de autobuses un mademás nor puede disfrutar de los primary rayos de sol en el salon; and espacio perfecto para compartir con amigos y familiaresalto contenido de yodo en el aire y los efectos positivos para la salud)yellowish brown 1centros comerciales a menos de 365 m71 m2) is contemporary, modern and aestheticpodrá disfrutar de relejante baño en la cala ferrisno deje escapar esta opportunites !!!


  • It’s one of the most exotic areas in spainla manga is the symbol of the mar menor, for its curious orography of the terrain, it not only allows you to enjoy your house from the front line of the beach, but also to enjoy the unique sensation to live in between 2 seasit’s a perfect place to enjoy to the fullest of the sea, above all in the spring time and the summer too, when is the high season and there are a lot of nautical sportsit’s about 30 minutes by car from cartagena, the main city of the region and next to a nice golf courtviews from the highest terraces are spectacularla manga del mar menor is a natural strip of land surrounded by two seas, the mar menor and the mediterranean seaeuromarina tower is located first line on the coast of la manga del mar menorit has four towers with ten floors each, direct access to the beach, three amazing swimming pools and communal areas inside the residentialits design has been inspired by the sea, fact that is well represented in the facade (white and blue) with a modern designthe area has all kind of services such as bars, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, medical centers, dentists, pharmacies, golf courses, marinas, nautical sports and multiple leisure and free time optionsto this rarity you can add the multiple leisure and free time options, restaurants, supermarkets, medical centers, pharmacies, nautical sports centers, golf courses,…it’s situated in a unique and exclusive area, between two different seas, mar menor and mediterranean sea

    Campos del Río (Murcia)

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  • In the night area everything falls on the patio or on the building itself, which gives a good quality of relaxationthe first thing that catches your attention is the modernist architecture of the time in which this magnificent house is locatedthe high ceilings give the house an elegance and great possibilitiesfrom the hall with lacquered cabinets and all the interior carpentry we go to the bathroom with a small shower, and in front of it to the kitchenon the right side we have two bedrooms, one double, the other single, both open to the patio, and on the left side is the third bathroom with a bathtub and travertine cladding, and the fourth bedroom in this case returns to the patio of lights"elite housing in modernist luxury building in the center of valencia" one of the most famous modernist buildings in valencia, located on gran vía de marqués de turia, built in 1906 in the center of valenciathe house has a burglar alarmthe parquet floors are in excellent condition, as is the entire house, which is very well preservedcompletely renovated in 1993 by the renowned sculptor joaquín real, the house was completely renovated in 2003there is a large garage in the same building, which makes the house even more valuable as it is difficult to find anything in the areait consists of four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen with access to the patio, a living room with a halltwo windows in the living room in wood and double glazed windows with optimal insulation, dating from the 1906 periodfirst we find the master bedroom with several closets and a bathroomelectric shutters, heating by gas boiler and water radiators, air conditioning by air ductit is optimally sized, easy to renovate, and has its own lighted patio

    Valencia (Valencia)

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  • Consequently, this book presents the main analyses and results of the unscr 1325 reload project, developed by the rey juan carlos university (spain), the australian human rights commission and the australian defense force, with the support of the nato science for peace and securitya quantitative evaluation of the number of women in nato member?s armed forces, as well as of the specific legislation, policies and actions is presented along with detailed recommendations to improve the participation of women in order to have more efficient and effective armed forcessince its passage, united nations security council resolution (unscr) 1325 has been advocated and adopted by a range of actors-including international non-profit organizations, international organizations, united nations agencies, and some national governments, showing the importance of integrating a gender perspective into the process of maintaining international peace and securitydue to the implementation of gender mainstreaming in national and international peace and security operations, women?s presence in the armed forces, or other decision positions, is increasing but at a very slow pace and still with lots of operational and strategic actions neededthere is a great need of women?s participation in armed forces, from a quantitative and qualitative point of view, for efficiency purposes


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  • On this basis the fundamental question posed in this text concerns the limits of knowledge defined by the limitations of instruments of observation, classificationn and analysis, and the limitations of researchers as individuals and as scientific communitiestwo specific areas of science are analysed from these points of view: psychiatry and standard cosmologythis is an essay on the possibility and limits of knowledge, in general, and scientific knowledge, in particularin chapter 1 the postulates of kantian critical philosophy are broadened to make contact with modern cognitive theories; it is argued that all knowledge should be regarded as an exclusively human product rather than the work of a transcendental beingin this last respect, it is argued that current systems for the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge, while making such knowledgem while making such knowledge possible, also favour its sterility


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  • Airy groove) 07 grandmaster flash - the adventures of grandmaster flash on the wheels of steel 08 west street mob - break dance - electric boogie 09 sugarhill gang - apache 10 grandmaster flash & melle mel - white lines (don't do it) 11 grandmaster flash & the furious five - scorpio 12 grandmaster flash & the furious five - superappin' 13 sugarhill gang - rapper's delight 14 sugarhill gang - sugarhill groove 15 busy bee - making cash money 16 spoonie gee - spoonie is back 17 grandmaster flash & the furious five - the message 18 crash crew, the - on the radio 19 grandmaster melle mel & the furious five - step offprecintado de fábrica tracklist best of grandmaster flash and sugar hill 01 grandmaster flash & melle mel - white lines (don't do it) 02 sugarhill gang - rapper's delight 03 grandmaster flash & the furious five - the message 04 west street mob - break dance - electric boogie 05 grandmaster melle mel & the furious five - step off (part 1) 06 positive force - we got the funk 07 funky 4 + 1 - that's the joint 08 grandmaster flash - the adventures of grandmaster flash on the wheels of steel 09 sugarhill gang - 8th wonder 10 grandmaster melle mel & the furious five - pump me up 11 melle mel & duke bootee - message ii (survival) 12 sugarhill gang - apache 13 funky 4 + 1 - rapping and rocking the house 14 spoonie gee & sequence, the - monster jam 15 grandmaster melle mel & the furious five - beat street breakdown sugar hill mix 01 sugarhill gang - 8th wonder 02 funky 4 + 1 - that's the joint 03 sequence, the - funk you up 04 grandmaster flash & the furious five - pump me up 05 grandmaster flash & the furious five - freedom 06 grandmaster flash & the furious five - it's a shame (mtdisco imprescindible para entender la música de hoyedición especial de este fabuloso recopilatorio que encierra en 2 discos, lo mejor de los reyes de la "old school" en una funda especial de cartón

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  • En perfecto estado –blasphemy (2) winds of the black godz –sarcofago* satanic lust –celtic frost dawn of the megiddo –nattefrost sluts of hell –mercyful fate evil –sodom burst command til war –tormentor (2) elisabeth bathory –aura noir bloody unity –destruction curse the gods –samael into the pentagram –bulldozer (2) whisky time –mayhem the freezing moon –hellhammer (2) the third of the storms –burzum ea, lord of the deeps –venom (8) warhead –bathory dies irae

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