The bristles are in nylon

Listado the bristles are in nylon

  • Juego original en inglés: the noble kingdom of rohan has a long history of war, and the aftermaths of those wars can still be felt today in the unquiet dead of the marshes to the east and in the grudge held by the dunlendings to the westnow, an avaricious enemy has set plans in motion from the shadows, and you and your fellow heroes must uncover the conspiracy before rohan is plunged into war once morethe scourges of the wastes figure pack for the lord of the rings: journeys in middle-earth can enhance both the spreading war campaign and the poison promise downloadable campaignthis pack contains three beautifully-sculpted new miniatures of the primary villains of the two campaigns, as well as five new item cards and a new role that can be used in any journeys in middle-earth adventureno collection would be complete without it!


  • Juego de mesa fantasy flight lord of the rings: journeys in middle-earth spreading war (edad minima: 14 años)


    92 €

  • the bristles are 100% castor oil which is made in germany and the wood is from sustainable fsc® beech wood also from germanydescriptionsustainable wooden children's toothbrush with soft bristles, made with 100% plant-based bristlesplastic-free and vegan


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