Quality control of materials and processes

Listado quality control of materials and processes

  • In an unique work there are concentrated and described the history, gastronomy, marketing, the production methods of the most important european foodstuffs and that represent an important piece of culture and history for every citizeneverything is completed with maps that render clearer the placing of the products in the territory and a glossary that facilitates the understanding of specific terminologythe european community pdo, pgi, tsg logos represent distinctive marks that are recognised by more than 480 millions of consumers that find every day both in the large scale retail trade and the restaurant business the products that have a territorial origin and a certified quality according to european normativethe book contains about 850 product cards divided for each nation and product category that represent the european and non-european products with the pdo, pgi, tsg certification markmoreover, the atlas contains a special section of more than 30 international products that have a recognised reputation beyond their own borders to render more clear the concept that the phenomenon of the products specific to a territory is not only european but is common to most countries of the worldthe atlas is the most complete tool that exists on the international editorial market that photographs with precision the european food scenery to which participate about 800 producers organisations and several hundred thousands of businesses


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  • The free folk heroes #2 box set for the a song of ice and fire: tabletop miniatures game gives free folk players a pair of unique giants for their forcesjuego original en inglés: most people in westeros think that giants are creatures of legend or simply myths and stories made up to scare childrenwun wun is a wrecking force, getting more and more infuriated as he takes damagenot simply mindless brutes bent on destruction, giants are capable of becoming commanders in the free folk armymag the mighty, arguably the most cunning giant, is capable of being the armys commander, complete with his own unique tactics deck that focuses on the other monstrous units in the armyhowever, giants are more than just real, they are making their way down from the north to invadewoe to those that stand across from them on the battlefield


  • Juego de mesa exploding kittens a game of cat and mouth (edad mínima: 7 años -nivel de dificultad: intermedio)


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