Made in the uk and available in natural horn

Listado made in the uk and available in natural horn

  • made in the uk and with the inclusion of the organic prebiotic inulin, spore forming soil based bacteria and zero artificial additivesdescriptionthis live culture formula is a blend of 11 healthful bacteria species at 50 billion cfu per capsule


  • Registered with vegan society and made in the ukwith zinc and vitamin c for the immune systemdescriptionoptimum balance of essential vitamins and zincno artificial sweeteners, colours or flavoursvitamin a supports vision, b for energy release & d for bone growth


  • Prostate360 helps reduce the frequency of urination, supports healthy blood flow, vitality, and immune healthdescriptiona botanical, patent-pending supplement formulated for prostate and bladder supportrecommended for men over 40 to maintain prostate function and urinary health


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