If the oases that appear in the stories and movies are imaginary or the result of fantasy

Listado if the oases that appear in the stories and movies are imaginary or the result of fantasy

  • We inform you of all the detailswe offer you the jewel of gran viaif you like downtown, if you want to live in a house and do not give up the comfort of walking along gran v\xc3\xada, bajo albaycin, calle elvira, plaza nueva~~today we want to present a jewel of housingif you are really looking for a whim or maybe you want to make an investment with very good profitabilitysie m\xc3\xbcssen uns nur kontaktierenwenn sie wirklich nach einer laune suchen oder vielleicht eine investition mit sehr guter rentabilit\xc3\xa4t t\xc3\xa4tigen m\xc3\xb6chten~ te ofrecemos la joya de gran viasolo tienes que contactarnos6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, toileteinbauschr\xc3\xa4nkearmarios empotradosfitted wardrobeswir bieten ihnen das juwel von gran via~ si te gusta el centro centro, si quieres vivir en una casa y no renuncias a la comodidad de pasear por gran v\xc3\xada, bajo albaycin, calle elvira, plaza nuevatodo exterior con grandes ventanales cubiertos de geranioswir informieren sie \xc3\xbcber alle details~ casa edificada en el a\xc3\xb1o 2004, distribuida en tres plantas mas torre\xc3\xb3nhoy queremos presentar una joya de viviendahouse built in 2004, distributed over three floors plus a tower~ si realmente buscas un capricho o quiz\xc3\xa1s quieras hacer una inversi\xc3\xb3n con muy buena rentabilidadmit einem erfrischenden andalusischen patio, mit sehr guten qualit\xc3\xa4tenall exterior with large windows covered in geraniumste informamos de todos los detalles6 schlafzimmer, 2 b\xc3\xa4der, wc6 habitaciones, 2 ba\xc3\xb1os, aseowenn sie die innenstadt m\xc3\xb6gen, wenn sie in einem haus wohnen m\xc3\xb6chten und nicht auf den komfort verzichten m\xc3\xb6chten, entlang der gran v\xc3\xada, bajo albaycin, calle elvira, plaza nueva zu laufenalle au\xc3\x9fen mit gro\xc3\x9fen fenstern, die mit geranien bedeckt sindhaus baujahr 2004, verteilt auf drei etagen plus turmcon un refrescante patio andaluz, con muy buenas calidadesyou just have to contact us~~heute m\xc3\xb6chten wir ihnen ein wohnjuwel vorstellenwith a refreshing andalusian patio, with very good qualities

    Granada (Granada)

  • Avalon hill and all related trademarks and logos are trademarks of hasbro, incimmerse yourself in the narrative gameplay as you take on the role of one of those explorersthe betrayal at house on the hill 3rd edition cooperative board game includes 50 chilling haunts and dozens of danger-filled rooms that will terrify even the strongest among youthis edition of the popular haunted house traitor game features content and gaming elements that help new players jump right injuego original en ingl├ęs: the house on the hill still sits abandoned, and fearless group of explorers has been drawn to the house to discover its dark secretsat first you'll work together, but bewareone explorer will betray the others and then the haunt beginsso gather friends for a game night of monsters, miniatures, and modular board pieces in this immersive, story-driven hidden traitor game for 3-6 players, ages 12 and up


  • This great flat is located on the ground floor, if you want to live in the centre of the city with all the comforts, do not hesitate to come and see this propertyŃÇéeste estupendo piso est├í situado en la planta baja, si quieres vivir en el centro de la ciudad con todas las comodidades, no dudes en venir a ver esta propiedadŃÇé located in the old town of palma, with all the comforts of a renovated house, but in the old town, with two bedrooms, one bathroom, a small balcony, all fully furnishedsituado en el casco antiguo de palma, con todas las comodidades de una vivienda reformada, pero en pleno casco antiguo, con dos habitaciones, un ba├▒o, un peque├▒o balc├│n, todo completamente amueblado


    320000 ÔéČ

  • Carefully appreciate the beauty of crystalwhole bright and full, strong texturematerial for the whole hand polished crystal glassis to send friends, colleagues, classmates, favorite gift! if it is decorative, it must be placed in a spotlight to show its crystal clear beauty and warm light to properly reveal the quiet and soft crystalbright crystal glass can be freely cleaned as new


    18 ÔéČ

  • Ana├»s the flamingo stimulates your baby's motor skills and senses with all kinds of pleasant activitieshe will discover new sounds and he will be able to bite with his little teeth, discover himself in the mirror and embrace ana├»s: that is the secret of his irresistible charmana├»s rattle rings made by lilliputiensitem number 83046


  • Juego original en ingl├ęs: take a trip to the us in the 1920s and tear the veil concealing the unspeakable threats from elsewherethis is a cooperative and standalone game based on the sherlock holmes consulting detective system, with some twists and new mechanicsexplore boston, arkham and exotic lands! follow leads, question witnesses, find clues and take action to solve these five brand new and strange casesas agents working for the bureau of investigation, youre tasked with investigating paranormal cases inspired by hp lovecrafts writings


  • Parents have the ability to program the morning wake-up time and the duration of the child's napif the rabbit is illuminated in the sleeping position, the child knows that he still has to sleepat the time set by the parents, the rabbit goes into an awake positionthe child knows he can get up! one can even accompany the day-night change by a projection of a moon or a sun on the ceiling of the roomthe kid'sleep essential is a wake-up indicator with projections that helps the child know if it's still time to sleep or if it's time to get upthe passage from the lying position to the awake position can be done without alarm (silent mode) or with alarm (birdsong)kid'sleep essential can also be used from birth as a traditional night light (total illumination of the screen with the second decorative plate provided)this educational night light has 4 levels of screen light intensitykidsleep essential 3 in 1: night light, alarm clock and sleep trainerkidsleep essential, a sleep trainer for kids made by paboboeducational night light to learn to sleep longerworks on mains supply (transformer supplied) or with 3 lr6/aa batteries (not supplied)


  • Players then sum their points, scoring points for (1) the routes that they've claimed during the game, (2) the destination tickets that they've completed (by connecting the two locations on a ticket by a continuous line of their cable cars), and (3) the souvenirs that they've collected, with a full set of seven souvenirs being worth 12 pointson a turn, you either draw two transportation cards from the deck or the display of five face-up cards (or you take one face-up ferry, which counts as all six colors in the game); or you claim a route on the board by discarding cards that match the color of the route being claimed (with any set of cards allowing you to claim a gray route, although some require ferries); or you draw two destination tickets and keep at least one of themwhen you build a line that connects to a souvenir location, such as lombard street, the embarcadero, or the golden gate bridge, you take a souvenir token from that locationplayers take turns until someone has no more than two cable cars in their supply, then each player takes one final turn, including the player who triggered the end of the gameeach player starts with a supply of 20 cable cars, two transportation cards in hand, and one or two destination tickets that show locations in san franciscojuego original en ingl├ęs: ticket to ride: san francisco features the familiar gameplay from the ticket to ride game series collect cards, claim routes, draw tickets but on a map of 1960s san francisco that allows you to complete a game in no more than 15 minutesyou lose points for any uncompleted destination tickets, then whoever has the high score wins!


  • the sea is part of the house36 homes with different types and distributions that adapt to the needs of the most demanding peoplewithout forgetting the many leisure and fun alternatives that the costa del sol treasures and the practice of all kinds of sports, including dozens of golf courses in a nearby areawhere the sea and the land meet, this exclusive real estate development stands where you can enjoy the art, culture and gastronomy of the areawhere to enjoy all year round the mild and pleasant climate of the area and thus be able to enjoy both specific periods of rest and a well-deserved golden retreatthe impressive design of the building, located on the paseo mar├ştimo, acts as a lighthouse that attracts all eyes and focuses attention on this area of ÔÇőÔÇőthe exclusive costa del sollight, design and space come together to offer homes that understand luxury beyond the best qualities and servicesthe uniqueness and elegance of our project can be seen in the ceiling height, floor-to-ceiling doors, large-format porcelain flooring and wood in bedroomsterraces that are integrated into the house as one more room thanks to a minimum profile and continuity in the living room flooran exclusivity that is breathed in the whole building and that is confirmed by just setting foot in itand all this, always with the same common denominator: qualityit is the opportunity to live almost the "urban lifestyle" in an exceptional enclave, in the most exclusive building in the areahomes designed and built to live*los precios informados no incluyen iva _____________________ eng: it is the new landmark building in estepona: its location on the beachfront offers the privilege of experiencing the sea all year rounda unique place to live all year round in front of the sea* the prices reported do not include vatnature, leisure, gastronomy and sport in a single conceptthis innovative concept will undoubtedly become a new architectural reference on a coast that already has a well-deserved worldwide fameuna exclusividad que se respira en todo el edificio y que se constata con s├│lo poner un pie en el mismonaturaleza, ocio, gastronom├şa y deporte en un solo conceptoterrazas que se integran en la vivienda como una estancia m├ís gracias a una perfiler├şa m├şnima y a la continuidad en el suelo del sal├│nes el nuevo edificio de referencia de estepona: su ubicaci├│n en primera l├şnea de playa ofrece el privilegio de vivir el mar durante todo el a├▒odonde se juntan el mar y la tierra se levanta esta exclusiva promoci├│n inmobiliaria en la que disfrutar del arte, la cultura y la gastronom├şa de la zonael mar es parte de la vivienda36 viviendas con diferentes tipolog├şas y distribuciones que se adaptan a las necesidades de las personas m├ís exigentessin olvidar las m├║ltiples alternativas de ocio y diversi├│n que atesora la costa del sol y de la pr├íctica de todo tipo de deportes, incluyendo decenas de campos de golf en un ├írea cercanael impactante dise├▒o del edificio, situado en pleno paseo mar├ştimo, ejerce de faro que atrae todas las miradas y centra la atenci├│n en esta zona de la exclusiva costa del soly todo ello, siempre con un mismo denominador com├║n: la calidaddonde disfrutar todo el a├▒o del suave y agradable clima de la zona y poder as├ş gozar tanto de puntuales per├şodos de asueto como de un merecido retiro doradola luz, el dise├▒o y el espacio se unen para ofrecer viviendas que entienden el lujo m├ís all├í de las mejores calidades y servicioseste concepto innovador, sin duda, se convertir├í en una nueva referencia arquitect├│nica en una costa que ya cuenta con una merecida fama mundialun sitio ├║nico donde vivir todo el a├▒o frente al marcasas dise├▒adas y construidas para vivirla singularidad y elegancia de nuestro proyecto se aprecia en la altura de techo, puertas de suelo a techo, suelo porcel├ínico de gran formato y madera en dormitorioses la oportunidad de vivir casi el ÔÇťurban lifestyleÔÇŁ en un enclave excepcional, en el edificio m├ís exclusivo de la zona

    Estepona (Málaga)

    1880000 ÔéČ

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