Fluent in cantonese and english

Listado fluent in cantonese and english

  • Vinilo ray charles - modern sounds in country and western music vols1 & 2 plus bonus tracks (1cds)


  • Arrhenius, this small wooden desk with a vintage look is full of surprises!here is a playful and educational box to learn to read, write and count! this educational game includes 47 wooden letters of alphabet, 23 wooden numbers and 50 vocabulary cards to try to reconstruct words in french and english, but also 30 calculation cards to do your first additions and subtractionsillustrated by ingela ptwo chalks come to complete this well-stocked set, as well as 12 good points to reward the well-behaved comforters!my little school ingela pitem number 7620arrhenius, an edutainment game made by vilac


  • The water and marble run is a genuine erzi quality productno matter whether used in summer or in winter, indoors or out in the sandpit, children will derive fun and pleasure from this product everywhere and at any time of the yearcontent: 7 marble runs in wood; 4 wooden scrapers; 1 cork plug; 3 marbles in wood and glassa hole can make the marble or the water disappear and set it in motion again at another levela small dam brings the marble to a halt, causing the water to overflowsmall holes at the sides are ideally suitable for inserting small sticks or flowers which serve to decorate the route while enhancing creativitymade in germanya closer look at the way the marble course works suffices to disclose its true potentiala supplied plug (cork) serves to complement this featurerunning water or rolling marbles proceed on a downward coursethis is a playful method for children to learn by dint of hard work how rewarding the whole game can really be when the goal is finally reached


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