Beter mixed bristles

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  • Brush is designed with nylon pin & tufted bristles for easy detanglingfor voluminous blowouts, place volumizer under the hair close to the roots and roll outward to the endsdial temperature controlnegative ions conditioning technologyfully rotating wire power cordergonomic design with soft touch finishplug: eu plugsize: 34*7ion technology: negative ions saturate the airflowunlike conventional hair dryers, this volumizer can be placed closer to the scalp for liftless time working on your hairunique shape for smoothing the hair, while round edges create volumethis helps condition, smooth and make hair shinier, while reducing frizz and statoval brush designthe tool is about 18" longhold for 2 to 3 seconds under rootsthis is important to see if your hair is long enough for this tool5cmweight: 645gtemperature: 60℃ -120℃material: abs + aluminumpower:1000 wvoltage: 240vfrequency:50-60 hznumber of gears:4 (off, low, middle, high)off: off / onlow: the sound is loud, the wind is strong, the temperature is the lowest, it is the heating functionmiddle: low sound, low wind, moderate temperaturehigh: the sound is loud, the wind is strong, and the temperature is the highestfunction:1000 watt power provides just the right heat3 heat setting for styling flexibilitywhile the shaft is about 2", the bristle-tip to bristle-tip width is 4" at its widest part


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